Our History

The Beginning

Our team's solar industry experience pre-dates Solar One's 2017 inception. Aaron Wilson has been active in the solar energy industry for over 15 years engaging in every segment from module manufacturing to project finance. He has designed, constructed, and financed solar farms all the way down to small-scale solar for commercial businesses. 


Aaron Wilson starts W-Energies

Aaron started W-Energies in 2009 during his other work, a company focused on the development of commercial and industrial-scale solar projects. 


Terry Miller starts Elite Energy Partners

Terry Miller had prior experience in the Texas deregulated market and decided to form Elite Energy Parters in 2010, an energy brokerage firm that helps Texas residents and businesses save money on their energy bills. 


W-Energies and Elite co-develop

Not long after, the two businesses partnered together—Elite acting as the marketing arm while W-Energies focused on development, financing, and construction.

For about 5 years, the two entities jointly pursued a number of opportunity projects on Long Island, NY where the cost of electricity soars higher than the rest of the country. Together, they co-developed various applications that include onsite generation and Feed-In-Tariff programs offered by PSEG-LI. But it wasn't long before they began taking notice of utility incentives local to Texas, their own backyard. 


Texas market transforms

Integrating solar in the Texas market finally began to make financial sense when Oncor began offering rebates for commercial-sized solar energy systems. Both Aaron and Terry foresaw the trend change and knew a solar program would need to be developed.

To do that, they joined together to form Solar One in Spring 2017.


Solar One is founded

Under a united banner, Solar One launched into the Texas marketplace, pursuing relationships with businesses and school districts alike. For schools, they developed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) program that allowed a school district to save money on their energy bills without having to expend their budget or get bond approval. At the same time, Solar One also showed Texas businesses how to utilize the ITC Federal Tax Credit to their advantage and installed a total number of Megawatts across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Austin, and San Antonio markets.


New Financial Model Created

With the creation of an innovative financial model, Solar One has expanded its presence to new states like Illinois, Michigan, and Florida, pursuing new markets and bringing solar to areas that other companies deem unfruitful.


Largest Solar One project built - 1.623 MW

Using our new innovative model, we developed a 1.623 MW system for a Suncast manufacturing facility in Batavia, IL.


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