Cavco Industries

Glendale Plant
Glendale, Arizona
  • Date: Fall 2023
  • Client: Cavco Industries
  • Project Type: Roof Mount & Parking Canopy Solar Energy System Design & Installation
  • Energy Generated: 1.25mW

About this Project

In the sunny heart of Glendale, Arizona, the Cavco Park Models and Cabins manufacturing plant is forging a path toward a greener future. Cavco launched its ambitious solar power initiative in 2023, and the plant’s 1.25-megawatt (MW) solar array is already showing promising results.

Original estimates projected that the system would generate 2,316.88 MWh in the first year, or about 60% of the plant’s electrical usage. This would reduce its carbon footprint by about 1,642 megatons per year. As of April 2024, the system has already achieved the following results:

  • Energy produced: 741.21 MWh
  • Average monthly production: 112 MWh
  • CO2 emissions saved: 1,243,113 lbs.
  • Equivalent trees planted: 9,392

With current production levels, the estimated output is around 1,340 MWh. However, the critical months from late spring throughout the summer will illuminate the full scope of the solar array’s power generation.

These promising results not only underscore the system’s potential for generating clean energy from the sun, but also highlight the substantial environmental impact of Cavco’s solar initiative.

The reduction in CO2 emissions so far is equivalent to eliminating the pollution from 621,424 pounds of coal burned or offsetting 1,442,127 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.

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