Aaron Wilson, Guest Speaker on The 3P Theory Podcast

The 3P Theory Podcast welcomed Aaron Wilson from Solar One to the show to discuss opportunities with solar. Be sure to check out the podcast here:


Episode #17: Commercial Solar with Aaron Wilson of Solar One

Information is power. How much do you know about solar energy? Most people think solar is a dream, but it’s already a reality on the ground. In this episode, we are humbled to have a special guest on the show, Aaron Wilson. He takes a deep dive into some of the opportunities that solar has for commercial projects and residential projects across the United States. He has a vast background and working with commercial solar and being able to deploy that and working with contractors and other vendors to make successful projects come to life.

Solar One is an energy management and solar development firm that partners with businesses, educational facilities, and municipalities to substantially lower their energy costs. Solar One looks at a customer’s total energy needs holistically, finding innovative solutions to lower their energy price and their demand charges, thus making their daily operations more efficient and opening up new budget opportunities for their business and community.

About Aaron Wilson:

Experienced Solar Development Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the roofing, construction and business industries. Spent 7 years in college (A&M / UTA) studying business management / engineering / biomechanics only to realize I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had been taught hard work makes the man, so I went to work. I felt led to work hard, wasn’t sure at what yet, but just to work hard. So I spent 3 months in TXDots engineering summer intern program. I spent a year at a private local company installing HVAC systems.

Left there and spent a couple years building metal buildings ground up framing/slapping sheets of metal. Left there and worked for a development company (started first day there picking up trash off the job site) eventually ended up running the entire construction process, equipment purchasing, running crews, hiring/firing. I then went to work for a roofing company as a leak tech running leaks and carrying a 40ft ladder everywhere I went for 2 years. Then left and went to a home remodeling company, we were the only crew they had that could completely turn key a house, demolition, plumbing, electrical, framing, sheetrock, tile, appliances we did it all to the final product on each home. After all those years of working my way up from the bottom of the totem pole I was about to start all over again. I got involved in the solar industry when a close friend of mine started building solar development projects up in New York / Long Island with LIPA. To me solar has always made sense, the idea you could produce your own power instead of buying it every month is a no brainer. The Solar One team is an absolute blessing to work with day in and day out. Great hearts and great minds working to lower energy demand/costs through solar projects.