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There are over 10,000 U.S. solar companies.

Developers, EPC's, installers, and subcontractors integrate solar across the residential, commercial, and utility sectors.

According to Solar Power World's 2023 Top Solar Contractor's List, Solar One is:

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Commercial Developer
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Commercial Developer
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Commercial Developer
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Solar is the answer

Solar One is an experienced solar development firm that creates solutions for offsetting energy for commercial and industrial businesses. We stand apart from other solar companies through our ability to leverage today’s available incentives in unique ways beyond traditional acquisition methods.

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1,258.39 kW - Glendale, AZ

3 reasons to go solar

With today’s technology, you can produce your own power onsite, thereby reducing the amount of energy your utility delivers to you. That’s less power generated from fossil fuels and fewer pollutants entering our atmosphere.

023-solar panel
Produce your own power
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Save on electricity
Protect the environment

Our Clients

Perfect Plastic
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Clayton Homes

Solar One demonstrated a high-level of professionalism in their knowledge of the energy market, as well as creative methods of financing that allowed us to implement solar. This same professionalism was evident from initial communication to the solar equipment installation.

We are very excited to share that all campuses and the administration building will be saving taxpayers money by using the renewable energy of the sun. The solar project did not cost any money to install and we are anticipating savings of several hundred thousand dollars over the next decade in electricity costs.

Thank you, Solar One!


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