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Developers, EPC’s, installers, and subcontractors make up the over 10,000 solar companies powering these United States. Among them all, Solar One has once again been ranked among Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors.

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Solar One is a nationwide solar development firm with a trusted track record of excellence. We specialize in creating solutions for offsetting energy for commercial and industrial businesses. We stand apart from other solar companies through our ability to leverage today’s available incentives in unique ways beyond traditional acquisition methods.

Our Latest Install

American Woodmark

American Woodmark | Cumberland, MD

A market leader in cabinet-making with over a dozen brands and 10,000+ employees, American Woodmark enlisted Solar One to enhance their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant nestled in the Allegany Mountains of Maryland.

With the incredible amount of available rooftop space, our team designed and installed an expansive system totaling 2,622.55 kW capable of saving 3,084,060 kWh’s in energy every year.

3 WAYS THAT Solar saves

Take an audacious stride towards (1) protecting the environment while also (2) saving on your monthly utilities and (3) preserving essential business partnerships.


Protect the Environment

005-green factory

Save on Electricity

green partner2

Preserve Partnerships

By converting natural sunlight into onsite energy, you can reduce dependence on local utility monopolies. That translates into less power generated from fossil fuels and fewer pollutant entering our atmosphere.

While these are two of the most prominent reasons businesses like yours choose to go solar, the benefits hardly stop there. With state and federal incentives and a rising wave of eco-conscious business partners pledging to offset their carbon footprints, investing in solar unlocks considerable advantages.


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